Gig Review: Gorizia Hardcore – 18.6.2019

Well, let’s start from the core point: Death by Stereo are one of those bands you need to listen to. Mandatory. Why? Basically because they have a fucking great energy and a sound that smashes your brain and makes you jump up and down.

So it was a simple Tuesday night in a small village in North-East Italy and a crew of punk hardcore guys decided to organize a great night with a couple of bands from the area and the californian legends, Death By Stereo.
The openers were 06am, a young punk rock band which just released an album, followed by Nachos Party, which, as the name suggests, like to party. So, a good start for a Tuesday night!

Before the main band, there was also time for the local heroes, Misery for a Living, recently back on the scene with their fast hardcore and extremely powerful lyrics. So well done guys, it is always a pleasure!

And then the special guests of the night, Death by Stereo! It was the first time that I saw them live, even if I already knew Efrem for his other band, Voodoo Glow Skulls. And I know how energetic and crazy he can be. Well, they didn’t disappoint me, not for a second of their show. As I said at the beginning, it is impossible not to move, not to be captured by their energy.

Long and perfect set list, all of them know how to party and how to play, a bottle of Jack Daniels is not enough and there’s also a mosh inside a bar. What else do you want? Believe me, catch ’em the next time and do not miss the next events by Gorizia Hardcore crew! You won’t be disappointed!

Words: Stefania Grosso
Photos: Francesco Dose

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