Bare Teeth – First the town, then the world!

A while ago we recieved some really nice tunes saying it was coming from France. I put in in my car so I could listen to it in peace and it never left the crime scene! Bare Teeth are the answer to all of the bands coming from the UK or USA playing melodic hardcore (which seems to be the latest hip around the world). But coming from France you might imagine they would do it kind of differently, and they do! Copying their facebook genre describtion:

“Thrash/pop? Punk rock? We don’t care! “

Well I don’t care either! It is hard though to compare it to a pop style of music as I don’t find to be. Personally I find there’s a gap in the french hardcore-punk scene, since Wank For Peace are no longer with us. But it gives me great hope while listening to Bare Teeth. So, if you didn’t catch them in Europe on some of the past dates, Asia, here they come,it’s time for Taiwan and Japan this June, and we wish them all the best!


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