Everybody has theirown favorite festival, I’m sure. We live in an era, where music festivals are spreading like a deadly virus around the world. Which one to choose when so many have a crazy line-up going on, or is the location that is so amazing. It’s a sad reality as we all have to work to afford traveling, buying tickets, getting food and drinks and even accomodation if needed. So in my opinion there are a few points to look at, while choosing your destination.


The most important thing is of course the LINE-UP.

If you’re not happy about it, skip it! Don’t bother going to a festival just because you’re used to it. Life is too short! I find it far more interesting when the variety of genres are unlimited. So here’s where Mighty Sounds comes handy to me!
Do you like ska, punk, hardcore, reggae, dnb, thrash etc? Yes, you can find everything and much more discovering this beautiful event! But why stop there? You can do sports, enjoy the theater, go shopping or take a tour of the wonderful city of Tabor. Priceless? No, there is a small fee, really small as Mighty Sounds is one the cheapest festivals in Europe!

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That’s where the second most important thing comes to mind while choosing your festival. Money.

Czech Republic is cheap, we all know that. A good quality beer will cost you around 1€, inside the festival area 1,50€ which is still pretty cheap. With a vast offer of food stands (lots of vegan ones!), a great meal should cost you around 3-4€. Come on! With the tickets going from 50€, this festival is killing it! I guess it all depends on your travel expences in the end.

So why travel far if you have a good option so close to home?

I mean, driving to Mighty Sounds can be a long one if you’re like us, from Slovenia per se. But the reason number three, just as good as any other – is the people. Driving so far, just to be amongst the Czech people. Sure, there are lots of Germans, Austrians and Slovaks, but you can never get enough of the Czechs. You might not understand them since most of them don’t speak any foreign languages, but I guarantee you a good solid laugh. They are open and welcoming, sometimes rough – a true socialist experience!

Mighty Sounds 2019, from July 12-14. Good times!

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