Well what can we say? The fate of the Punk Rock Holiday‘s lineup was already sealed when the first two confirmations they made were Propagandhi and PEARS . So we waited for yesterday’s announcement knowing it was going to be something special!

So where do we start? Let’s go up from the bottom of this incredible line-up!
I’m sure there will be lots of good foreign bands playing the beach stage, but lets focus on the local artists this time!

The Ferminants are a brand new name on the Slovenian punk-rock scene and I’m sure most of you never heard of them. Check them out on facebook, listen to their first video on Youtube and check them out live asap! Won’t regret!

The Mor(R)ons are one of most drunk bands in Slovenia and they just released a new album called Lager! Give it a go on BandcampWe love them!

Multiball and Backstage are both  pioneers when talking about local pop-punk scene that started back in 2001.

Golliwog are my favourite Slovenian goodie. Straight in your face DIY fast hardcore-punk vegans! We want more of this stuff at PRH! Hopefully they will play the beach stage area to get that great crowd vibe going on!

I would like to give a  shout out to some other bands I had the pleasure hearing them before, such as Straightline and ants!

I am sure there are lots and lots of surprises coming up on this already sweet festival program in the upcoming months! 50% of the main stage is yet to be revealed so that even if you might feel dissapointed at the moment, I doubt you’ll feel the same about it in August!

Grab your tickets and see you in the pit – – but meanwhile check the aftermovie below! 😉

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