Punk Rock Holiday 2018 – Review

Now that it’s ended it’s hard to find the words to describe what happen during last week.

Because, as every year since the beginning in 2011, something very special happens in Tolmin. I don’t know what it is, maybe the environment, maybe the people attending the festival, the bands, whatever… anyway, that’s the best punk rock show in Europe, so let’s celebrate it with some highlights of the week!

From the warm-up party to the punk karaoke, this edition has been on high speed with great bands and of course, loads of jumbo cocktails! So, here we go with a list of bands which I really enjoyed during the 5 days:



  • Union 13: Mexican hardcore, fast and truly from the heart.
  • Vandals: first time that I saw them live, incredibly ironic and a lot of entertainment, a great way to start the festival!
  • Comeback Kid: uh-uh, that’s sounds really fast! I had the pleasure to talk with Jeremy as well, and a part from being great musicians they are also a bunch of lovely people! Yo!
  • No Fun At All: from Sweden all the speed and power of melodic hardcore well played!
  • Mad Caddies: it’s time to jump and dance! I really like them, they enjoyed playing for the people at the festival and they didn’t want to go home!
  • The Bombpops: Funny, simple punk rock and nothing more!
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls: Never listened to them, great surprise of the festival!
  • Satanic Surfers: Rodrigo back on drums. Amazing!
  • Bad Cop/Bad Cop: I really wanted to see them, I waited to see them and I wasn’t disappointed. The four girls know how to do their job!
  • Talco: Well, well, Italian ska punk. Even if a little bit out of shape, it was a great show.
  • Lagwagon: one of the reasons why we listen to punk rock. Period.
  • Misconduct: I didn’t know them a lot, but, hey, what a show! They convinced me!
  • Authority Zero: another great band that I really looked forward to seeing and yes! Fuck yes! They played all my favourites and what incredible people they are!
  • Bad Religion: well, the entire album ‘Suffer’ played in 25 minutes more or less. I have nothing else to say. Legendary.



Well maybe here I forgot some names or I mistake some band for another, but you know how it is, between one drink and the other, a jump in the river and a bumping into someone you know from the previous years. So, for sure I wanted to point out: Dead Neck, Skin of Tears, Charlie Bit My Finger, The MurderBurgers, The Enthused, Crim, Adrenalized, and of course two of the most amazing bands of the festival: This Is A Standoff and Nothington! Both bands smashed the beach stage with a great great show!

Anyway, this stage is always a means to discover new and unknown bands that come from all over the world to play in Tolmin! So, cheers to all of the Beach Stage Bands!




Then, what else do you want to know? There was a genius guy dressed as the cover of ‘Let’s Talk About Feelings’, there were plenty of unicorns, flamingos, pizzas, donuts, even an avocado! And of course jumbo MelonBalls, the amazing acoustic sets at the American Socks stand, dancers, kids, welcoming people, new friends and much more!

There were people that really showed love and respect for punk rock, for each other and for nature. Punk Rock Holiday has been for all this years something granted for all those who love punk attitude and a lot of fun!

So, if you really want to understand what punk rock holiday is, come over next year!

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Review: Stefania Grosso

Photos: Francesco Dose

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