FACE TO FACE – Interview with Trevor Keith

While you’re probably enjoying your time at Punk Rock Holiday at the moment, here’s something from last year’s Punk Rock Holiday. An interview with Trevor Keith, the frontman of the legendary Face to Face.

It’s been now 26 years! How is it like being in a band for so long?

Exhausting (laughs). No just kidding. It’s almost one of those things you can’t fully realize.
I mean I’ve been doing it and will continue doing it,  it’s a part of my life, I really don’t think much about it.

What was it like when the band was apart, what did you miss the most at the time?

I think what Scott and I particulary missed the most was the live shows because we did other projects during the break up and we didn’t really played live neither. I made a solo album and I did tour then, but those shows were nothing like it, the energy, intensity of a Face To Face show. It was something that couldn’t be re-created.

What’s the funniest thing that happened on tour?

The funniest thing..well we have fun on this tour, but nothing particulary hillarious, It’s been like a lot of shows, just travelling, having fun..maybe there’s still one moment like this to come.

So, besides punk rock, what else suits your soul? What record would you put on at home?

For rock music I like a lot of alternative, like 80’s and stuff. I’m a big fan of The Smiths, I like The Cure, that kind of era, probably because back then I was a teenager, growing up. I Like them more now because it’s like retro for me. But I also like a lot of like classsic jazz, like 50’s and 60’s as well, got a big vinyl collection. I do like to mix it up a little bit, but that being said, I am a bit of a music snob too, I’m not one of those guys who likes everything.




What’s your favourite thing to do before and after the show?

Thats’ a good question. I like to drink wine before the show and I like to drink wine after the show (laughs).  Red wine (good for your blood). I just prefer the taste.  I just like to chill out, play a lot of video games on the tour bus, I like to read, watching movies…

What do you like most about touring?

I like being able seeing new cities, experience different cultures, countries…For example, this is our first time in Slovenia, not that we’re going to see much other than the festival ground, but even this is a beautiful setting, we took a look of the river today, enjoying the surrounding, meet people from different background…That’s the best part of travelling in general, so I guess I’m lucky I travel a lot for free. I took a swim in the river, it was freezing cold! After the initial shock I stayed in for a little while and floated around, yeah it was nice.

Would you say that the punk rock scene changed a lot since you started playing?

Yes and no. The biggest change I think is how the internet affected the scene beacuase it used to be really segmented to small local scenes and they would write fanzines and you talk about your local scene, so when you would travel with band from city to city, you got to experience different scenes. And I think the internet kind of knocked things down on some degree, which is great because suddenly people had more acces to everything, but it has changed that localization of punk rock.




Thank you for taking your time for us Trevor! Hope to talk to you again soon!

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