First bands for JZA Crew anniversary

Here are the first bands that have been announced recently for the JZA Crew anniversary party!


Slander don’t need a long introduction speech, they are one of the wildest and most active bands of the new wave of hardcore music in Europe. Their members are also part of the Venezia Hardcore collective and are active in all parts of alternative music scene. They already visited KC Mostovna and we are sure they gonna tear the place apart again!





G̶o̶l̶l̶i̶w̶o̶g̶ are playing fast and melodic Punk Rock charged with human & animal liberation messages. As JZA Crew they are also celebrating an anniversary this month – 20 years of Punk Rock madness! No need to say that the night might go a little bit crazy with double anniversary celebration going on!





Straight from Trboule Kreshesh Nepitash are gonna make sure everybody will be moving under the stage. Straight to your face Hardcore with positive lyrics. Members of the band are also a part of the collective Zavod Peglezn which is keeping the local scene alive.





Local scene will be represented by Definite. They play fast, short & angry skate Hardcore that will melt your face away. At the event they will also release their brand new album entitled “Your Hell” which was recorded at Studio P.L.C. by Matej (Pigs Parlament). Members of the band are also a part of collectiveGorizia Hardcore that helps to develop the local Hardcore scene.





This is it so far! The line up already looks great, next to skateboarding, food, photos and videos they are promising! The tickets costs 5,00 € and the gigs start at 5 pm! Be there!

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