DARKO – “Lifeblood”

Darko with Lifeblood!

Darko are back with a new song and music video called “Lifeblood”. It’s a song about feeling trapped and undervalued in a job, but trying to remember that you are the lifeblood. As Dan says in the song, “We call them bastards, yet they need us to succeed.” The song is taken from their latest album Bonsai Mammoth which you can get here. This is what they wrote on their Facebook page:


The lovely folk at Shout Louder have just let loose our new video for Lifeblood!  You can only view it on their website for the next 24 hours. Share the link and support the stellar work that they do. This is a 100% Darko production, with Rob taking the director’s helm. It’s different direction and we hope you like it. We’ve just landed in Tokyo and the first show is already kicking off!


Check out the video below!

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