Terrafraid – “SAUDADE”

Hello again, Terrafraid!

UK’s Terrafraid have just surprised us with some new tunes! Well they are new to us but the songs were actually been written before the release of their second album “Despondent” !

“…it was recorded straight after that release in 2014 but then put on hold, only to be re-recorded completely from scratch in February 2015. Once again, with emotions frail after much thinking of where our lives and minds were, it was put on the shelf. Instead, we recorded and released ‘Contentment’ as our third album. “


Once they released “Contentment” they say it was time to revisit this album after an emotional break from it and to record it one last time, with no alterations or changes in the songs, being exactly as they were when written in 2013/2014.

“We thank everyone for their patience as we’ve been asked over the years if it would ever see the light of day. We are happy to finally share ‘SAUDADE’ with everyone.”


Check it out below!


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