Another cool DIY punkrock festival!

SBÄM Fest!

What is SBÄM ? I don’t know but it sounds good. 🙂 Where is this SBÄM ? Somewhere in Austria, close to Linz I guess.
When is it happening? First weekend of May… Enough with the questions, here‘s a link, check it out and get all the info you need!

Still confused? Well, this not so little festival anymore is celebrating its only 2nd edition and here’s 3 reasons why you should visit it in the future:

  1. It’s DIY – you can’t beat shit like this.
  2. It’s early May, spring is in the air, your liver is just as fresh.
  3. The line-up – come on!!!

Who’s playing you say? For many of you just saying Propagandhi is more then enough. As for the rest of you picky guys I’m sure No Fun At All, Donots, Satanic Surfers, Iron Chic, Venerea, Wonk Unit etc will do just fine!

So see you in Wels at SBÄM Fest 2!


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