Are you ready for Mighty Sounds #14 ?!

New names just announced!

We are sure you’ve heard of Mighty Sounds but did you know they already confirmed some bands for Mighty Sounds 2018? No?

Well let’s get you to speed!

So far Mighty Sounds have these bands in their pocket: Non servium (already 20 years on stage!), The Dreadnoughts (Polka never dies!) , Random Hand (Yes they’re back for a few shows, amazing, right?!) , Doctor Krapula (reggae-ska since 1998!) and Raygun Cowboys (taking you back to 1950!)!


Tonight they confirmed Mad Sin (Lemmy partying with a psychotic 50’s Elvis on Viagra), The Mahones (The Irish Punk Brigade), Jenny Woo’s Holy Flame (Oi! Oi! Oi!), The Zipheads (Loud, fast, mad rockabilly/punk/ ska/swing)  and Traits (New band from members of Random Hand & The Human Project… and a lovely guy called Jon)!

How cool is that!

If you’re convinced get your tickets here! If not, give it a couple of months, you’ll buy the ticket anyways! 🙂

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