Propagandhi – “Victory Lap”

Happy release day to Propagandhi!

The day is finally here! Propagandhi released their seventh album called “Victory Lap” today! These guys are spreading good music and eye-opening lyrics for a while now and we are sure happy to see they’re still on the right track! This is what they said in a recent inteview with Teamrock:


“If you don’t think your latest record is your strongest record then you should delete it and start again. All the core values are pretty much in tact from the first or second record until now. We’ve modified some perspectives, but we definitely haven’t abandoned the values. I’m more comfortable signal boosting the perspectives of people who have much more to gain and much more to lose in terms of social justice. A lot of people are tired of hearing another white man pontificate about things and I am too, I’m tired to hearing me. I’m just a guy in a fucking band and the band is gonna rock out.”


(Full interview here.)

You can grab their album here!

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