From The Tracks – “Get Worse”

 On 1st October, Less talk, more records will be releasing a new album by half Swedish, half Scottish skatepunk band From The Tracks.

Following the disbanding of Ends Like This, From The Tracks started as Mike’s one man project in 2008, releasing a demo on MySpace. Pretty soon a bassplayer (Patrik) was added, a full length This Machine and Irecorded and the ball was rolling.  2009 saw the light of Recover which was followed by The Greater Distance in 2011, now with added force from Scotland in the form of Sean and Gavin. In 2013 just after playing Book Yer Ane Fest in Scotland and appearing on Sweden The Deal compilation, they announced their break up while they were in the process of recording an album (Get Worse) which is finally ready to be released.
“Four years after their breakup, with a lot of hurdles along the way, Get Worse is finally ready. It was recorded, the files were lost and it had to be done all over again. “

The album will be released through the LTMR bandcamp page – you can find the direct link to the album here.



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