Bare Teeth – “First The Town, Then The World” – ALBUM REVIEW

You still haven’t hear for them by now?

Then maybe you should be paying more attention! 🙂

Bare Teeth are French punkrockers with big ambitions up ahead! They released a new EP in May 2017 entitled “First The Town, Then The World” and they say they’re pretty proud of it since it took a year to finish it. The record was released at several labels worldwide, including Lockjaw Records, No Reason Records and Morning Wood Records.  The album is a mixture of all the influences that the band members have , so if you like bands like: A Wilhelm Scream, Every Time I Die, Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Strung Out, Pennywise, No Trigger, NOFX,… we are sure you’ll like them too!

The ep was mixed by Trevor Reilly himself (A Wilhelm Scream) and you can just hear his touch.
Listening though their record we can hear the potential of this band – great riffs, strong vocals, good lyrics.
Some of the song have so many textures that you actually end up in a whole another dimension.

Finishing with a calmer tone, the band decided to close their album with an acoustic version of the song “Behind the wall”.

I can easily say this album is an adventure, you never know what to expect with every song, it’s a rollercoaster of music, with big dynamics and surprises!

Check them out below!

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