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The Flatliners – “Indoors”

“…and I’ve been listening to every word spoken inside and underneath. Behind the breath that you can see.”

Punx from Ontario, The Flatliners, have just released a new music video for their song “Indoors“. It’s taken from their last album “Inviting Light” which was released earlier in April 2017. Chris says:

Indoors comes from a place of deep winter isolation and serious reflection – with the help of some burning paper and that familiar smell. Nights like that, that can really help take you to where you want to be once the snow melts. So now that it’s summertime when you’re out with your friends burning the candle at both ends, enjoy it, cause the snow’s gonna fall before you know it. This one’s for all those karaoke kings and queens out there, singing along like no one’s watching.”


Check out the video below!

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