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Most of us are expecting this album so here is a few new information about it. In a recent interview for Mike Ness said:

“Once this tour ends, we’ll spend six to nine months in pre-production. Then we’ll record the album. I’ll do some reference recordings at our studio, but they’ll be pretty crude. For arrangements and experimenting with stuff, the recordings don’t need to be high-quality.”

He also explained that making a record isn’t so easy as some people may think and that people need to realise band members also have families and other responsibilities and sometimes people need to live life for a few years so they have something to write about.

Sometimes I don’t pick up a guitar for six months, but when I do pick it up, the past six months pour out of me.”

No release date  has been announced yet , but the new album will be Social Distortion’s first since 2011’s Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.



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