Mighty Sounds Festival – Day 1

Here we are, back again at Czech’s finest festival by our choice…

…oh hell – best you can find in Europe (as far as we know). If the organisation was great last year, it’s really at it’s best this year! We are talking about Mighty Sounds people, a festival that is constantly changing, improving for the better! Since the venue is quite huge, imagination is the only limit for the crew. 2017 is giving us more food stands with lots of vegan options and less meat meals (fuck yeah!).



Black Coffee Stage is also an excellent adition to this edition. Acoustic sets by some of the billing bands and some extras like Straightline’s voice of Bart Tadlo! What else, let me see..Ow yeah, sometimes I feel like being at an open market with all that merch avaliable on various stands from Vegan fighters to Czech Antifa, Vans shoes and the coolest clothes at Lucky Hazzard!

Day one was pure hardcore since we got there after a 10 hour drive from Slovenia! Lots of good bands from the start with a couple of favorites like Empty Hall Of Fame (CZ antifa/alf hardcore), Jake And The Jelly Fish (UK folk punks), The Toasters (USA or should I say Slovenian 2tone skankers), our yugo hommies of Dubioza Kolektiv (BIH balkan funk), H2O (USA hardcore legends) and The Beat (UK ska veterans)!









Allright since it’s noon at this moment I’m off for a beer! Cheers!

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