Dog eat Dog @ Orto Bar Ljubljana, 07.04.2017

hat a nice intro we had to start April with as much fun as we could have!

Dog Eat Dog were in the house y’all! As we said before and will repeat again and again, they are for sure one of our favorite bands around! And you know why? Because they kick ass live! We had the privilege of growing up in the 90’s, that’s why we really appreciate bands that followed us through our youth, making us the people we are today! And their style of music – just the right amount of everything! It’s basically punk-rock with a hardcore attitude combined with hip-hop going metal, but still funky! Sounds fucking ace! Anyway, it was a full house on that show, nice atmosphere, lots of singalongs, happy faces everywhere. The setlist was amazing, all hits, from All Boro Kings to Walk With Me including a Wu-Tang Clan cover – Protect Ya Neck. We love those lyrics, always anti-fascist, just good clean vibes!

Check out the photos, listen to the band and GO to their shows. Respect!





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