Rad Bi Bil Normalen – Photo Gallery + Review

Our team at Alter-Alert had the pleasure of being invited to a remote little village, lost somewhere under the Alps, where this little festival is hosted since 1999.

It’s the time of the year, the middle of Autumn that makes it so beautiful! Kind of a misty atmosphere, leaves changing colors, bands having a good time at the backstage, people warming up by the bar…Just great! So we missed Friday, we heard it was nice, lots of people, some cool bands. We came early on Saturday, had a few laughs before the concert, felt really relaxed from the start. We only saw one band playing before, so the others were a mystery to us!

Opening the evening was a hard time for the first band since it was still early in the night. We were told they were locals, but actually they come from various parts of Slovenia, Edge Of Sins. I’m not a big fan of heavy metal, but this guys were technically superb. Nothing bad to say about them. Next on stage were Suzi Soprano. Oh, wait, they played under the stage! Yes, what a blast, a hardcore show in the middle of the crowd with just one small reflector making them light! A set of drums, one loud guitar and one heartbreaking vocal. Some rock, bit of noise but definitely hardcore. What could ever follow a great band like that? Maybe Mališa Bahat? Worked for me! It’s a brand new formation from Croatia playing some amazing screamo-hardcore. I loved them, really. Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident have been around for some time now. They are Croatia’s punk-rock legends. And it was the best show I’ve seen from them so far. Maybe even because their singer had some throat problems (my guess is just the right amount of rakija in the backstage). After that the brutality of the night rose with great power as Ponte De Carla took over the place! Strong and fast, street hardcore straight up your face! They made something like 1000km just to play this show! Worth the trip I guess?! Last but not least, Hesperian Death Horse. Sludge all the way. Huge amounts of fog on the stage made it clear they weren’t gonna play no pop shit. This kind of music takes you away, straight into the grave! Nice people! So after that we went sleeping. Let me say, we’ve never been more welcomed to a festival then on this occasion. Everybody was super friendly, great guys, true friends.

Come to Rad Bi Bil Normalen 2017, just pick the right road, ok?


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