Photo Gallery – Straightline + Golliwog + Wasted Time @ Gromka, LJ

04.03.2017, Saturday night at Metelkova squat in Ljubljana. Gromka club. Bands: Wasted Time and Golliwog from Slovenia, and Straightline from Germany.

The one thing these three bands have in common? Lots of love for punk-rock music! All of them had a really nice show, no mistakes great energy. First time for us seeing Wasted Time and hopefully not the last! Golliwog are actualy our favourite Slovenian band. If you need to know why, huh, check them out, listen to what they have to say, have a beer with them…Then you will love them! Last but not least..Straightline, straight from Munchen! Thrash skate-punkers with an awesome attitude, lovely people, just released a new album. Give it a spin! Next time they come to Slovenia I think their stay is for good. We would like to thank all the bands for the amazing show they’ve put on, and of course Giljotina records for making everything possible!


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