Interview with POLAR.

Starting in two days, the amazing Polar are setting off on their 24 days long European tour and we can’t wait to see them on stage in Ljubljana! Joining them on tour are three great bands and it’s an all-UK-hardcore family with: Giants, Empires Fade and My Only. Nice package, dudes!

Since we like Polar so much, we decided to have a little interview with them. Here’s what you should know about them:


  1. Hey there Polar! Please tell us, is it »Polar.« with a dot at the end or not (and if it is, why)?

When we first started it was Polar with a dot, this was to initially to separate us from anybody else using the Polar name in the music industry. As time went by it naturally changed to just ‘Polar’ as we realised we were not sharing the name with any other band in our genre of music.

  1. You have been around since 2009, what were you up before that?

Before we started myself and Fabian were playing in a tech metal band and we played shows in our local scene in Guildford where we grew up. This is where we met Nick Jones (drummer) and the other two members who have now left, while playing shows together.  Over a year or so we all came together wanting to make band that was not so technical and more on the punk side and we were all extremely hungry to produce a band that would be able to tour the UK and in time tour further afield. This is how Polar was born and as you say the rest is history!

  1. We are living in an era where hardcore seems to be dominating the alternative scene, what are your thoughts on that?

Its an incredible time to be playing in a hardcore band and to see the genre grow from strength to strength. There are so many great bands, too many to mention that are releasing strong passionate music and the following that hardcore has amongst fans is amazing to see first hand. The fans have very strong community values, everybody is there to help each other and were so grateful to be able to be part of this ever growing scene.

  1. Is it hard to come out as a band from the UK, making it big in the industry that music is?

I don’t think it’s just the UK, i think that it’s hard to come out as a band in this day and age! There is no longer financial value in releasing music, it’s very hard to make money in the music industry. The great thing about this, is that bands nowadays have to be very creative in their workings to make money. Whether it be touring, merchandise or producing and releasing music. As long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing then nothing should stand in your way.

  1. Do you have regular jobs outside the band? If you do, how do you manage to combine it with touring, rehearsing…?

We do have jobs but Polar will always come first! We are all extremely lucky in our retrospective jobs, that our employers support and allow us to pursue our dream and to take Polar to be the biggest it can be. I think your find it hard to find musicians who don’t have another stream of income to support them while in the music industry.


Polar @ Mighty Sounds, Czech Republic // Copyright: Jasmina Lozar


  1. We can’t wait to see you on stage on this upcoming tour. Your presence at live shows is really emotional, so are the lyrics. Which is your favourite song and why?

That’s a very good question, I don’t really have a favourite as such but i feel attached to the song Blood For Blood.  The reason i feel attached to that song is because i feel emotionally attached to the lyrics in the song as it’s about not giving up no matter what life throws at you. Also the energy that the song creates live is out of this world!

  1. Is there a favourite show you would like to point out, maybe a festival?

We don’t really have a favourite show or festival, every show we put 110% and want everybody who’s watching to walk away buzzing and feeling that they have experienced us playing our hearts out.

  1. If you were 90 years old, what would you tell your grandchildren?

I would say to them “Anything in life is achievable, no matter how many people in life tell you it isn’t.

  1. Any message for your fans out-there?

Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts for their ongoing and support for Polar, you all mean the world to us!



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