Richie at PRH

May Bee Massive Festival – Interview with Richie P

Rich Parker is fun. Rich Parker has been around. Rich Parker really has a sense of humour. Rich Parker is NOT french. Rich Parker is a punk-rocker. Rich Parker is May Bee Massive Festival! You know Rich Parker.

1. Ladies and gentleman, Rich Parker! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi everyone, my name is Rich Parker, otherwise known as Richie P. I’m nearly 35 years old and have worked in hospitality and events for many years. I used to have my own bar/restaurant, Le Bistrot des Amis Fomperron, which did weekly gigs, but due to personal health issues it finished in 2015. Two years later, here I am, back with May Bee Massive.
2. May Bee Massive. Let me tell you, great name for a festival! Where did you come with the idea of doing an event like this?
This will be my 11th or 12th Festival I have worked on in France. But the first time I have gone European. Thanks PRH!! The idea of this is to put on a cheap, yet memorable weekend and hopefully become a permanent date on the punk calendar. The name, May Bee Massive, came about because I literally have no idea what is gonna happen. Will I see 100 or 1000 people?? (Ideally I’d like 400/500 please)
3. So this festival is placed on the countryside, right? Was it hard to get a crew together? 
I live deeeeeep in the French countryside, it’s kinda untouched.. So let’s do a punk rock festival here. As this is a non-profit event everyone coming wants to chip in! I’m hoping it’s gonna run really smoothly. But eco-vibes please people. I shouldn’t need to explain this.
4. Some really cool bands announced, are you planning on doing it every year? Is the line-up then getting bigger and fancier perhaps?
I am super happy with the line-up this year, all great up and coming bands. And as an added bonus all the bands are personal friends of mine, making this even more special for me.  If it works, then of course we will do it again, but I think I want to stay European for the music. Americans are weird (can I say that?)
5. You are now already a part of the Punk Rock Holiday family. Which was the first edition of PRH for you? Is it the nature that you love so much about it? Which bands did you enjoy most at PRH so far? 
My first Punk Rock Holiday was 1.5. Literally a month after I closed my bar. It was exactly what I needed, a week getting trashed in the Slovenian sunshine. When I arrived I felt right at home surrounded by like-minded thinkers. It got a bit wild, as festivals tend to, and because of “those photos” if find myself where I am today…. The line-up at PRH is incredible. My favourites so far are obviously Less Than Jake and Authority Zero whose stages I crashed. But special mentions to Fat Randall and The Decline who are two of my favourites at the moment. LOVE PRH!
6. Tell me about your infamous Clown mask…
Man, its all fun and games now, I only wear it at festivals and like to freak people out and generally mess around. But actually I got it before I had my wheelchair… You know, to make getting stared at at festivals less painful/more amusing for me (deep psychological trauma :P). I’m actually on my second mask now, but my first one has been to Groezrock, Hellfest, Punk Rock Holiday and some French ones too.
7. What would you like to say to all the punk-rockers around the globe? What’s your message?
Haha, what a good question. Be nice and smile? It’s helped me get long way in this world.. 😛

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