Just some Family Guy for the opening scene…I swear to Satan (didn’t want to use the word God) you got me there.

It’s a brand new LP, we have it and it’s called Coloumbo!

Being their second album since they started in 2010, A Guy Named Lou is a name you won’t forget! Still DIY, more heart got put into it as the band says it conveys honesty, fun and autonomy! This Austrians are the living proof of a living punk community. If you go through the lyrics you’ll come to find many laughs, critical views and also a thoughtful look into the future. That’s what punk-rock means to these four guys!

Coloumbo is a 12 piece artwork and it’s avaliable in digital form, CD or vinyl (limited). All the songs are super fast with a nice touch of hardcore to it, just the way we like it. Everything was done by the band, from the lyrics to recording and mastering including the design for the release!  Hats off guys, that’s the proper way to do it!

So if you’re all about the punk-rock scene, grab it asap!

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