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The Bombpops sign with Fat Wreck Chords!

Fresh from California!

Holy Balls. Dreams DO come true! Could not be more stoked to be part of the Fat Wreck Chords family.

This is what The Bombpops, punx from California had to say when they signed with Fat Wreck Chords. They also announced they’ll be releasing their first full-lenght album “Fear of Missing Out” on 10th February 2017.

“It’s taken our whole band’s life to make this record, but we’re lucky we waited this long to do it. It was the right time. I’m a big fan of the shiny, polished-sounding record, and we got to make that for our first record. It’s so cliché and cheesy to say, but it’s more mature, especially the vocals. We learned how to sing. We learned how to have more movement in our melodies. We learned a lifelong lesson of how to be in a band and get along together and make things happen.” Jen Razavi says.

Fat Mike added:

I heard the Bombpops, saw ’em live, and thought they were pretty cool peeps, but no way was I gonna sign ’em. A couple years go by, and they send me this new record… and it’s fucking good. So I signed ’em. I guess bands can get better… NOFX certainly did.

Check out the first single below!

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