Punk Rock Holiday 1.6 – Review

In August 2016 we took part of an amazing festival located by two beautiful rivers, right under the Slovenian Alps that many describe as a punk-rockers heaven. Punk Rock Holiday ladies and gentleman.

This was it’s 6th edition since it started in 2011 and for the first time, a sold-out edition. What we love about this festival is the nature around it, people enjoying the sunshine by the river, getting wasted, making friends… and most of all, people being themselves while witnessing some of the best bands playing some of the best punk-rock shows ever! It’s really a privilege to be a guest! This year the festival grew a bit – the site was bigger, more food options (again, thumbs up for all the vegan options) and even a mini-ramp…

…it’s like you could really feel how this festival is getting mature and it’s growing it’s beard.


We were there since day zero this year, since the festival started one day earlier, making it a pre-party with bands like Lagwagon, Sick Of It All, Useless ID and some great local support like Kreshesh Nepitash and others.  That was one hell of an opening party since most of the visitors already put up their tents and were ready to party.


Looking back on all the bands playing at PRH we were more satisfied with the band choice at the beach stage than the bands playing on the main stage. The bands and the beach stage were always more enthusiastic about the show and some of them didn’t stop even with the heavy rain pouring down.


Here are our thoughts on some bands throughout the festival:
(+ very good, +/- solid, – not good enough)

+ Golliwog (strong and fast DIY hardcore-punk, SI)
+ Bouncing Souls (never dissapointing punk-rock, USA)
+ Descendents (first time for us, hopefully not the last, USA)
+ A Wilhelm Scream (fast and melodic hardcore-punk, USA)
+ Agnostic Front (true soldiers of hardcore, USA)
+ The Flatliners (finest punk-rock for my soul, USA)
+ Deez Nuts (ghetto koala bears playing hardcore, AUS)
+ NH3 (great ska-core energy, IT)
+ Total Chaos (punk’s not dead people!, USA)

+/- The Toasters (third wave ska , it’s getting a bit boring, USA)
+/- Flag (still waiting for Black Flag to re-unite, USA)
+/- Terror (a solid dose of hardcore in our veins, USA)
+/- Strung Out (sorry guys, I just don’t get you, USA)
+/- NOFX (Mike, go home, you’re not drunk, USA)
+/- Donots (good band, wondering if they should be playing at a punk-rock festival though, DE)
+/- No Fun At All (solid scandinavian punk-rock, SWE)

– Millencolin (I don’t love you and you suck live, go get a job, SWE)
– Muncie Girls (girl, go practice on your vocals please, UK)
– Jello Biafra and whatever comes with it (you’re old, certainly not punk, the stage isn’t yours, USA)

Sorry for being harsh on some of the bands, but it’s just the way I see it.


If you managed to sleep in the right tent and your vocal chords aren’t fried then we’re happy to announce that you survived what seems to be the craziest punk rock party in Europe! We’re truly sorry we missed some of the bands at the beach stage due to our working schedule and weather conditions and respect to the organisation, everything went smoothly!

To all of our friends who got their ticket for the 1.7 edition, see you there, if you don’t have one, check out the beach stage bands for some!

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