Cutting The Ties – “Dead Thoughts. Dead Heart.”

And we thought we’ve heard it all!

This Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band from Austria, Cutting The Ties are just something else.  Released on 4th June 2016, “Dead Thoughts. Dead Heart.” includes a variety of genres. Mixing clean vocals with growls in this kind of music is common, but I swear, the first time I’ve heard their song “Black Keys: A Sister’s Tale” I could swear the clean vocals sounded like Brian Molko from Placebo was singing them. On the other hand the band’s roughness is neatly balanced with one song that puts the band in another perspective – listen to “Memories” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Acoustic guitar and clean vocals and it seems like this album is a split record with another acoustic band.

Enough said, grab a copy and enjoy!

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