Mighty Sounds Festival – Day 3

Mighty Sounds festival is behind us, we’re home, back in our pijamas, sooo tired.

But we had a blast on the last day of Mighty with bands such as Negative Approach, Pequena Morte, John Coffey, Pipes and Pints, Useless ID, Buster Shuffle, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outter space, Lagwagon and Skindred!

I mean, it’s such a great combination of bands and styles of music, you end up running from a reggae show to a hardcore mospit, skanking on a rocksteady beat while waiting for the drum’n’bass set to begin! That’s why we love this festival!

Ok, Sunday morning was a pain in the ass, we were tired but stoked to see all this beautiful bands!
Our crusade started with the uplifting show of Negative Approach. Angry, old-school hardcore. Well, I think the name suits the whole atmosphere the band has.

We needed something to eas down our soul, Pequena Morte! Brazilian experimental ska! Cool guys, bit of hippie sense on stage. Allways fun listening to ska rhytms on a sunny day!


After that we decided to check out Benuts, a German ska band. They’ve been around for more then 20 years, so they know how to handle the stage!


John Coffey were next! We love this band! They are awesome! What a show!
At one point the singer of the band jumped in the crowd and convinced them to start a huge circle pit around the sound engineers tent! We want more of bands like this! Punk-rock in your face!


That shooked us up! No time to rest, Pipes and Pints are on stage! My wife just loves this band, so energetic, great live performance and what’s most important: sooo fotogenic! If this photos could talk…well they do!

Useless ID were one of this year’s best discoveries for us! Punk-rock straight in your veins. What a blast from Israel! And what was best (not for the band sadly), because of an accident they had a replacemnet drummer on this tour, no other then Kids Insane singer – Corey!


We had a glance of Buster Shuffle while running around headless. Lots of people dancing to the original sound of rocksteady ska! Some barefoot piano playing as well! Wow!


Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space…lets just call them BZFOS. Some spooky shit my friends. Psychobilly as it should be done! We were looking for the singer on stage for a while like morrons only to realize it was the drummer on leading vocals! And he was seated right in-front of the stage!


So as the night was falling on us, it was time for the bigshots to lift us up. Lagwagon. Nice intro, A-Team’s soundtrack, allways fun! For the rest, just another show from the Californian band playing punk-rock since 1990. It’s more of a routine for them and people can sense that!


Last band of the festival..and I’m actually happy about that! Skindred, lets save the best for the end! First time for us, but come on, it’s a band that combines a heavy metal sound with some cool ragga vibes! Party! I had a feeling like I was watching Disturbed but originating from Jamaica. Ya man!



After one hell of an after party in the backstage area we finally said goodbye to Mighty Sounds festival as we will be back for sure for the 13th edition in 2017. You know why?

Because we are 100% sure that once again, it’s gonna be a great line-up surrounded by lots of wonderful people!

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