Mighty Sounds Festival – Day 2

It’s day two and we’re still alive at Mighty Sounds festival!

Such a nice Saturday here in Tabor, another shit load of bands playing on four different stages across the area.

First band of the day and one of the best we saw playing were UK based Polar.
Sun was shining, the heat was intense, stinky smell of sweat everywhere and the music…fuck yeah! Post hardcore with a slash of metal with it.
Nice flow, brilliant singer as his attitude really ripped the crowd with circle-pits, moshing and even a wall of death! Go see them asap!

Next band, we’re taking it easy today, no rush, more beer, JB Conspiracy were up!
Deriving from UK’s capital, they took over the main stage of Mighty Sounds! This progressive ska-punk band really took the genre on a higher level. No third-wave shitty stuff, just a plain punk-rock minded band with a great brass section!

Ok, we detoured our way to the beer stand and stopped a bit for a glance of Rantaplan. Impressions?
Good musicians, but skip the german language, it’s just wrong when it comes to ska music. But that’s just my opinion.

The Casulties! Music for the punx! Allways nice to see them. Really down to earth folks, great lyrics, sometimes drunk, allways anti-fascist!
And what’s best, they even honored The almighty Ramones with a song “New York rules“!

Ninja time all over again! First Blood were next to follow and we were there! Vegan powered, anti-political hardcore/metal – brutal!


Just after that blast a more calm-beated hardcore band was on…Silverstein.
The Mighty Sounds app said they were a post-hardcore band but what we heard was more of an Emo/Punk style.

Anyway the clock was saying it’s time for Perkele! High expectations we had for them, heard lots of good-positive reviews about them.
Really beloved by the Skinhead and Punk comunity, huge fan base around the world.



We went to see our brothers from another mother – Red Five Point Star! Slovenian (not Slovakian) ska isn’t really common in our country, so we’re really stoked to have them around! It was the second time for them at Mighty Sounds and again, they put up an amazing show! Have you ever seen a wall of death on a ska show? Well neither did we, first time for everything, right?
To finish the set they pleased us with a great cover of Katrina and the waves…of course, “Walking on sunshine“!
They left the crowd with their party mood on!

I took the liberty of having myself a Long Island and chill out while listening to War on women! Oh heaven!
Punk as hell, Bikini Kill like feminist attitude. Their lyrics give you chills and their energy on stage is from another planet.
Much respect for them!

The last band of the day (for us), were the ever amazing Darko! Now my friends, this is what you call a band with balls!
I have seen them on maaaaaany occasions before and I’m pretty sure they are one of my favourite live bands ever!
And what’s best, they are the coolest guys ever, great friends!


Good night Mighty Sounds, Sunday here we come!

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