Kids Insane, Break Even & Defeater!


Live at Arena, Wien,early show – starting at 8pm:
Here’s a band that was formed in Tel Aviv (Israel, 2010), Kids Insane – what a name! Kids that live in Israel are forced to join the military and serve a mandatory 3 years. Pacifists are thrown in jail if they refuse recruitment. Other kids seek a way out of service through the mental health officer. It’s quite normal they found a way of expressing themself’s through hardore music! This is a live band.

Ok, we love their records, lyrics are fenomenal, there’s great energy, wonderful flow… But seeing them on stage, the atmosphere they create, the singer’s theatrical abilities – it’s a whole another level!

And that was the opening act of the evening?! Yes, to follow this blast were Australians Break Even! We actually never heard of them so far. But let me tell you, WOW! Great vocals and even nicer backvocals!

People started moving, beer kicked in, the singer was stomping on stage by the beat of the drums… F*ck yeah!

We were sad to find out later they didn’t have any audio media with them on tour, such a shame! To close the nigh were Defeater from Boston (USA). Already having a huge fanbase in Austria it all seemed like an easy job to get the crowd moving and singing for them. It’s a cool, quite typical hardcore band as most north-american are. We have seen them before actually, but just couldn’t remember what feedback they gave us then. Well I think I’m about to forget that once again, like a grey cloud around my head when that name pops on my mind. Oh well, Defeater is still a solid band!

Photo © Copyright 2016 Jasmina Lozar // Text © Copyright 2016 Mihael Povše

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