THE HARRIES89 @ Ajdovščina!

What the f*ck was that?!

You know the feeling, when you think you’ve seen and heard it all? You’re  surrounded by great music and most of the time the whole world knows the bands playing it. And then a foreign band comes to your country, playing punk like in the good old days. You’re shocked…

Where were you all these years, hiding in your basement?!



The Harries89, as the name describes it, is a band with hairy balls, playing since 1989, consisting of three members all named “Harrie” for the occasion. You can almost sense them being dutch, as they always have a smile on their faces and seeing that in a band which has been playing for 27 years (?!), is amazing! I saw a tag somewhere on the internet describing the band as “street punk“. Well, they are, but they’re sooo much more than that. The Ramones, Descendents, Perkele and Nofx could all fit in this band.


I think the Slovenian crowd came to love them after four shows on this mini-tour, many of them already being at their concerts  21 years ago, when The Harries89 last visited Slovenia.
We sure hope they won’t wait another 21 years to come back, as noone is getting younger.

But what a gem!

If you haven’t heard them live, find them on youtube etc… we promise you won’t regret it!




Photo © Copyright 2016 Jasmina Lozar // Video&text © Copyright 2016 Mihael Povše

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