KNRD Fest : punk-rock idyll in Germany!

On one weekend in summer there’s a place in Hormersdorf, Germany,

that turns into a punk-rock idyll.


More than a dozen bands travel from near and far into the Franconian forest to throw you an unforgettable party. KNRD fest is a place where the band and the visitors breathe and live as one. And what is most fascinating : it’s a free, non-profit, 100% DIY festival!

This year, for KNRD Fest’s 5th anniversary, they’re inviting you to join them in the nature and listen to punkrock and hardcore tunes with them!

Here’s the line-up so far :

SUCH GOLD (Melodic Hardcore, USA)
Antillectual (Punkrock, NLD)
Fast Response (Melodic Punkrock, CRO)
Kill The President (Melodic Hardcore, SPA)
Migre Le Tigre (Acoustic Punk, SUI)
Almeida – Progressive Thrash (Progressive Thrash, UK)
Primetime Heroes (Punkrock, GER)
Forever Unclean (Punkrock, DK)
Fair Do’s (Skatepunk, UK)

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